Cowan Air Services

  • • 24/7 Emergency Call-Out and Help Desk
  • • Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • • Essential Services Maintenance
  • • Energy Management Control Systems
  • • Indoor Air Quality Reports
  • • Design and Installation
  • • Safety Audits
  • • Water Cooling Tower Services

Our professional staff provide a dynamic approach to solving temperature and performance problems. These solutions are presented in a plain English report for our customers’ approval before works are undertaken. This enhances decision-making for our customers by identifying a range of solutions that meet their physical and financial requirements.

24/7 Emergency Call-Out and Help Desk

Our management team and technicians are available to assist you at all times, either on-site for breakdowns or by phone if you require technical support.

Routine Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance agreements cover regular servicing of air conditioning systems tailored to the requirements of each individual property. Comprehensive maintenance agreements include the cost of mechanical breakdowns as part of the contract. *Conditions Apply

Essential Services Maintenance

These agreements apply to air conditioning and ventilation systems, including systems connected to fire alarms and smoke extraction fans. These systems may require certification or regular testing by law.

Indoor Air Quality Reports

For the health and safety of staff, the quality of the air circulating throughout the building can be tested. The reports include details of bacteria levels and dust particle counts.

Water Cooling Towers

Air Conditioning plants that have cooling towers must comply with health guidelines for the control of legionella. We can co-ordinate maintenance and testing in relation to this important issue.

Design and Installation

We provide a complete service solution from designing a system to your individual requirements and budget, without compromising quality, to completing the installation.

Safety Audits

The Workplace is more than ever the responsibility of the building owner and employer. We can organise building safety audits for owners and managers concerned about this issue.